# Getting Started

Welcome to the Money FI knowledge base.

This knowledge base is a work in progress and is constantly growing. If there's anything you need help with which is not currently covered here, please contact us at support@moneyfi.app.

# I just signed up. What now?

Congratulations on starting your Money FI trial!

When you login to the app for the first time you'll be taken through an onboarding process. Keep in mind that any data you create during this process is not set in stone. You'll be able to change or add to it from within the app later on if you wish.

The onboarding process will guide you through the following:

# Currency

The currency you select here will be used throughout Money FI.

# Financial Accounts

These represent your bank and investment accounts:

  • Institution: This is the name of the bank or investment house (eg: Chase Bank, Interactive Brokers etc)
  • Name: This is the name of your account (eg: checking account, savings account etc)

# Income Categories

These represent your regular income sources such as salary or rental income.


When you transfer money from one of your accounts to another account to settle an outstanding balance, that should not be classified as income.

# Investment Categories

These categories represent how you wish to logically group your investments. You're free to define these in any way that makes sense to you.

If you enjoy analyzing your investments at a very fine grained level of detail, you could define each category as a specific stock or ETF.

If you prefer a higher level of analysis you could have each category represent a specific type of investment such as 401k, Roth IRA or taxable brokerage.

We recommended choosing the second option but it's completely up to you.

# Transaction Categories

These categories represent your spending and general transactions. Anything that isn't an income source or an investment should be classified here.

# I just finished the onboarding process. What now?

Now that you've setup a few categories to work with you can either begin loading your financial data into the system or you can jump straight in to creating a Basic FI Plan.

The real power of Money FI comes through the historical data analytics and Integrated FI Plan. To this end, we recommend you begin loading your financial data into the system at this point.


In computer science (and likely in other fields) there's a phrase garbage in, garbage out.

The value Money FI provides you is based off of the data you enter. Please spare a minute to read through the data integrity section here.

To load records one at a time navigate to Income, Investments or Transactions under the My Data menu item in the app and then select Log New Data.

To load data via the csv importer navigate to the Bulk Import menu item in the app. You can find out more about using the bulk importer here as well as some tips on using it efficiently.

You can find out more about Basic vs Integrated FI Plans here.