# Bulk import of csv data

While you're able to enter data into the system one record at a time, it may be faster and more efficient to import data in bulk via the csv importer.

Most banks provide you with the ablity to export your historical data as a csv file which can be imported into Money FI to populate your historical data. The same process can then be repeated each week, month or as often as you wish to continually keep your data up to date.


If you've just signed up to Money FI and are about to use the csv importer for the first time we advise only importing one month of historical data initially.

As you work your way through the import process, ensure you create rules which will automatically classify your data during future imports (more on rules can be found here).

Once you've imported your first month worth of data and created rules where appropriate, future imports will take you much less time since your data will be classified automatically based on your import rules.