The Monthly Roundup - March 2020


The monthly roundup highlights some of the most interesting and informative articles published over the last month within the financial independence and investing communities.

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Top posts from this month

These 10 revelations helped me rethink my finances in my 20s

This post has some great insights around finance and life that we should all keep in mind, no matter our age.

Pandemics, Portfolios and Perspective

Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, this post provides some reassurance with respect to the stock market.

The post takes a look at a study in which instances where the World Health Organization (“WHO”) declared a “public health emergency of international concern” (PHEIC) were compared to the stock market's reaction.

Interestingly, in all but one instance, stock markets were higher six months after the announcement.

Flexible work arrangements

This post details 17 reasons why flexible work schedules are superior to full time jobs. These could apply to working part time or simply working full time from home instead of at an office.

What Happens After the Stock Market Falls

This is another post that is likely to be reassuring during these troubling times with the corona virus.

An analysis of differing percentage stock market drops is done showing how the market performs in the following months and years.

The general trend is that large falls in the stock market are followed by strong positive returns.

Should you buy stocks now

The VIX is a measure of stock market volatility and is often associated with the level of fear in the market. Given the COVID-19 pandemic currently under way, the VIX is understandably very high.

This post illustrates how the VIX can be used as a buying signal and how a high VIX is generally followed by strong positive returns.

Article by Brendon @ Money FI

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