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Map out your journey to financial independence while taking future life events into account.

Leave nothing to chance. Money FI ensures you know how and when you'll reach financial independence.

Own your time. Live the life you choose.

Your finances aren't set in stone. Your FI plan shouldn't be either.

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Financial independence means being free to do the things you love.

Work, play, travel. On your terms.

Money FI gives you insight into your entire journey to financial independence including future life events which impact your finances.

Understand how future decisions impact your FI timeline:
  • What if I buy a house next year?
  • What if I withdraw a lump sum from my investments to pay for a holiday?
  • What if I stop going out to restaurants so often?
Add multiple future life events to your timeline to plot your entire journey to FI.

Financial Independence Planning

Reaching financial independence takes time, discipline and planning.

As our obligations, priorities and interests change, so to do our expenses, investments and timeline to FI.

Financial Indepence Analytics

Analytics specifically built for the financial independence community.

Track your income, expenses and investments.

No more spreadsheets, manual calculations and faulty assumptions.

Financial Indepence Analytics

Data Analytics

Money FI provides numerous analytics such as letting you know when your typical spending patterns change.

Financial Indepence Analytics

FI Progress Tracking

Track your historical progress and project your future journey to FI while taking into account changes to your finances, inflation and future life events.

Financial Indepence Analytics

Future Life Events

Include future once off and recurring events in your FI plan which will impact your finances and thus your timeline to financial independence.

Financial Indepence Analytics

Financial Analysis

Track your income, investments and expense data. Then slice, dice, categorize and tag your data to uncover trends and opportunities for improvement.

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Money FI provides the ability to map out your journey to financial independence while taking into account future life events.

Simply using 25x your annual expenses as a rough guide for determining if you've reached financial independence is a good starting point. But how long will it take to reach that point if your finances are constantly changing over time?

Manual calculations and spreadsheets can only take you so far. Money FI aims to take you the rest of the way.

The monthly roundup highlights some of the most interesting and informative articles published over the last month within the financial independence and investing communities.

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