# Column Mapping

We need to match the columns found in your csv file to the corresponding Money FI attributes.

Select the relevant csv columns on the right hand side and match them to the corresponding Money FI attribute on the left.


You'll have the option of saving your settings here so that the column mappings for this account don't need to be done again.

# The following attributes are available:

# Date (required)

This is the date the transaction occurered on.

Be sure to select the correct date format used in your csv (eg: YYYY-MM-DD, DD/MM/YYYY etc). You can confirm that the correct format has been chosen by checking the Example Result on the left.

# Payee (required)

This is the name or description of the transaction.

# Amount (required)

This is the transaction amount.

# Balance (only required if you're importing investment data)

This is your investment balance.

# Notes (optional)

If your csv file contains any additional notes or comments, you can map that column here.