# Basic Plan

A basic FI plan doesn't hook into any of the financial data you have loaded into Money FI. It's a quick and easy way to setup a plan.

Firstly, you'll specify your starting investment balance, monthly expenses and how much you invest each month.

The above information is then coupled with the following parameters:

  • Inflation: This is the current inflation rate in your country.
  • Annual Return: This is the growth rate you expect from your investments over time. If you're unsure of what to enter here, you can assume somewhere in the region of 6% to 9% if you're invested broadly across the stock market.
  • Withdrawal Rate: This represents how much you plan to withdraw from your investments on an annual basis after your reach financial independence. The most commonly used value for this in the FI community is 4% however feel free to adjust this as you wish.
  • Contribution Increase: If you plan on increasing the amount you contribute to your investments annually, enter that percentage here.
  • Rolling Timeframe: Our finanances are seldom static. They change over time and we often have outlier months where once off big changes occur. By using a rolling timeframe, your finances are smoothed over time to ensure your FI projection is based off of a more representative average.
  • Rolling Type: By selecting either median or average, your finances are smoothed over the last X months (ie: The value you selected above) using either median or average.

# Events

Once the above information has been entered, you'll have the option to add future life events which will impact your FI projection.

More detail on events is available here.