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In this post we outline the top ways to reach financial independence.

We cover everything from investing in the stock market through to real estate and side hustles. Incorporate these strategies to ensure you reach FI as soon as possible while leveraging your existing skills and interests.

Reaching financial independence takes time and discipline. How long will it take you to get there?

In this post we explain how to calculate your FI timeline along with a few short comings of this approach.

Tracking your savings rate is a major corner stone metric when it comes to the financial independence journey.

Savings rate is simply a percentage calculated by taking the amount you save each month and dividing it by your income.

Given how complex defining income can be, is there perhaps a simpler, more accurate and ultimately more useful way to represent how much we're squirrelling away for FI?

What's more impactful on your financial future between lowering expenses or receiving a financial windfall?

Most people with bad money habits and a mountain of debt live in constant hope of receiving a financial windfall to solve all their problems. But what if there was another option to secure your financial future that you could start doing right away?

Lowering your cost of living might not sound sexy, but take a look at these numbers and you might be surprised at how they can change your future.

Lifestyle creep is what keeps high income earners living pay check to pay check, unable to step out of the rat race and always feeling like they never have enough money.

Instead of buying freedom, impressive salaries often increase a feeling of being trapped and always wanting more.

If you're new to the financial independence movement, you're likely to hear a lot of terminology thrown around. In this post I give a quick explanation of some of the commonly used jargon you're likely to come across.

Financial independence in my mind is akin to freedom. It's about having choices, owning your time and having the freedom to do what you're passionate about.

In this article I talk about what financial independence is and what I feel it can bring to your life.

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